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We are offering a new Salsa workshop aimed towards students who want to build on their previously learned Cuban Salsa skills and acquire new techniques. It will be a 6-week course, held once a week for 2 hours.

The first hour will focus on: body isolation, musicality, coordination, movement and stage tricks. The second hour will consist of partner work and choreography. 

*The choreography will be used for performances (not mandatory)

DATES: Sept 7th - Oct 12th (Fridays 8:00-10:00 pm)

LOCATION: 125 Danforth Ave. 

PRICE: $150



Rueda de casino, originating from Cuba, is a popular social dance found in clubs all over the world. The leader of the dance will signal steps and all couples in the circle will perform the called step simultaneously. This allows for a seemingly synchronized performance filled with spins, claps, and partner switches. Students will learn all of the popular calls and patterns and leave with a good foundation and understanding of the style.

DURATION: 5 weeks

DATES and TIMES: June 8th- July 13th (except June 15th) FRIDAYS 8-10 PM

LOCATION: Drey Dance Academy 125 Danforth Ave

PRICE: $125.00

Each student is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to join us to perform (and party!) at the following events:

•Taste of the Danforth- Saturday August 11th
• Wasaga Beach - Sunday July 15th

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Classes will focus on Reggaeton dance and music with an emphasis on Latin styles and technique. This is a class built to improve movement quality/technique. Dancers will leave with a good understanding of Cuban Reggaeton dance styles. Heels are optional.

Please see details:

DURATION: 6 weeks

DATES and TIMES: March 7th- April 11th WEDNESDAYS 7:30-9:30PM

LOCATION: Drey Dance Academy 125 Danforth Ave (Danforth and Broadview)

PRICE: $150.00

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY (optional) April 28th at Lula Lounge Please specify when registering if you will take part in this performance. Performers must attend ALL SESSIONS.

*No more spots available*